5 Diet Myths Debunked

Have you tried to figure out what information about dieting is true and what’s myth? I have wondered the same thing too!!! So, let me share five thoughts I have found to be myths!!


Myth – Diet Drinks Help You Lose and Maintain Lost Weight.

Truth – The artificial sweeteners used in diet drinks actually confuse your body and end up triggering your brain to crave MORE calories and sugar!! When the diet drinks fail to provide this to our body, we usually end up feeding that craving with something else in order to alleviate the cravings! Crazy, huh? Long-term, diet sodas actually increase our chances of gaining weight and encountering more health problems.

Alternative: Try mixing 1 teaspoon of lemon or lime juice in 12 ounces of seltzer water!


Myth – Cutting Carbs is the Key to Weight Loss.

Truth – Good carbohydrates found in whole grain foods, beans, fruits and veggies are actually your body’s source for vital nutrients and fiber! It’s the sugary, refined-carbohydrate-rich foods, such as white bread, pasta and doughnuts that can cause health problems. However, even pasta in moderation can be great for you! Sometimes, it’s not the actual food that is not great for your diet, it’s the toppings you use!

Alternative: Instead of white breads, find breads that are rich in whole grains! And, instead of using sauces and cheese atop your pasta, try a little bit of olive oil and salt!


Myth – Eating After 8 pm Will Make You Gain Weight

I, for one, am glad this one is a myth! Calories can’t tell time! But, let’s be honest, most late night snacking involves unhealthy choices! This is one of the many reasons for this myth’s popularity. But, if late-night snacking is going to be part of your daily routine, cut some of your calories throughout the day to allow for these evening calories!

Alternative: Protein-rich snacks can help fill you up quickly and leave you satisfied for the evening. So try grabbing a few crackers with cheese, a protein bar, some fruit or yogurt for a snack! And drinking a glass of water first can help in case you’re not really hungry but thirsty!


Myth – Coffee Isn’t Good For You.

Truth – Coffee has actually shown in studies to have great health benefits, but all in moderation. Studies show that coffee helps stimulate brain activity and increase metabolism, which is great for aiding in weight loss!! They are also linking coffee to lower risks of certain types of cancer, diabetes and many other diseases! The problem with coffee is more with drinking too much or the things you might add in for flavor!

Alternative: Drinking black coffee instead of loading it with creams and sugar can help keep it healthier! If you find yourself drinking coffee all day long, finding a natural supplement, like our Greens, can give you the energy you are looking for along with many, many other health benefits!


Myth – The Less Fat You Eat, The Better.

Truth: Not all fats are created equal! Saturated and Trans Fats, found in foods like high-fat dairy products, red meat and processed foods, are fats to limit or avoid. However, healthy fats are actually vital to provide energy, rebuild cells and production of hormones. Healthy fats can be found in foods such as fish, avocado, low-fat dairy, nuts and seeds. Most of the time, foods labeled low-fat may not actually contain less calories! So, it’s important to check the labels and compare to see if it’s really worth choosing the low-fat option!

Alternative: Choose foods like peanut butter, avocado, fish, nuts and seeds for healthy fats that will help fill you up!

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