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About Nikki Clutter

I am currently a full-time stay-at-home mom to 5 children, 4 of my own and one foster son! I have been blessed to be able to find an opportunity to work part-time from home but create an income that not only has surpassed my husband's full-time income at a great job, but has created a place where we are financially free and looking forward to the day we can "rewire" my husband and bring him home to work this business part-time with me and be a full-time daddy!! We use a lot of the supplements from It Works because they are all-natural, good-for-you supplements that help our family stay much, much healthier!!! And for the skinny wrap, let's just say it saved me thousands of dollars for plastic surgery with absolutely no downtime!!! Now, I'm able to not only build an amazing life for my family and me, but I have the opportunity to help others become healthy - both physically and financially!!! I love what I do and am ALWAYS looking for others who are ready to start their own journey like mine!

How You Get Your Skinny Wrap Biz Going Strong!

As one of the leaders in the company, people often think I made it to where I am by some secret or had some crazy luck. But, this isn’t true! I used the products, shared about the wraps and talked to everyone!! It was work and still is, but it is so much fun!!! Click on the post title to view a little video I made for my team sharing how I built a successful business!