Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser and Giveaway!!!

breast-cancer-awareness-month-1024x853Between now and October 31st, I am donating 10% of all extra orders (outside your regular monthly order) of all my loyal customers (whether you have been actively ordering or not!) to help breast cancer awareness!!!  PLUS, anyone who places a retail order between now and October 31sth will also have 10% of their order donated as well!!!  Then, at the end of the month, every person who helped raise money by ordering will have their name placed in a drawing to win a FREE product of choice!!!  Spread the word!!!  Let’s help raise more awareness and help save lives!!!  (To be entered, please e-mail me, and include your order # for you entry into the drawing!)  One name will be drawn and announced on my facebook page on November 1st!!! Click here to order now!

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