Can You Own Your Own Time and Still Walk Out Your Faith?

A Moment of Transparency – From Mom to Mom


Each and every month I find myself ever so grateful for the incredible leap of faith I took two years ago. I know what people say about my choice to pursue this business behind my back, and that’s ok. I realize it’s not the norm. But what many don’t realize is that I get to stay home with my family, take on the role of fostering, dance with my daughter before lunch, take the kids to the zoo on days off school, and make a real income!!! And it’s sometimes overwhelming. God is so much bigger than we can fathom. We tend to put His work in a box, even when we are trying not to limit Him. When you look past what you think you know, you find that opportunities to glorify Him can be found everywhere! I am reminded every month that other families are experiencing freedom from the bondage of living in debt, of trying to cut corners, of worrying about what they will do if their car breaks down unexpectedly because I took a chance – not only on myself but the chance to help others!


From the outside looking in, home-based business owners look like weaklings who fell for a pyramid scheme and are out to just sell their friends and family. But, from the inside looking out, the picture is quite different! You see men and women desperate for a better life for their family. You see dads who are tired of missing their kids’ ballgames and victories in homework that can now retire from their job and work from home and never miss those moments again. You see moms who spend hours looking through sales and cutting coupons and balancing finances so that at the end of the month they hope to have a little leftover to pay down their credit cards. From the inside looking out, you see families with no hope they could ever stand on their own two feet owe taxes for the very first time because they actually made more than enough money to support their family with no assistance. From the inside, you hear and see the stories of lives changed because of products made from nature that literally change the health of those using them!! You see people freed from pain. You see people walk away from prescription meds they have been taking for years. You see people find hope that they can once again feel confident about who they are! You see people find hope because they have never had someone else believe in them.


Each payday is a reminder that my life is an example of hope – hope for better health, hope for God to move mountains and heal broken spirits, hope for a future full of freedom! Can I just honestly say that it is very overwhelming? Thank you, Lord, for using my life, all of it, for Your glory!! And may it always be a reminder that better things can come when you take a chance on something new that can forever change the lives of others!!! And I want to leave this as an invitation for you to join me. Others may not understand why you decide to do this, but eventually the picture of why will be painted for them when they see others constantly grateful for the role you have played in helping them live a better life. I can’t imagine a greater opportunity for anything in the world! You’ll never know what God will do when you take a step of faith! Better things are certainly yet to come!!!  If you’re ready to take the step today, message me!  And I’ll help you get started on your own journey to inspire others!

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