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There is HOPE Even When Life is Stressful!


Just wanted to share a little from my heart today.  I’m a stay-at-home mom full time.  I’m a foster parent full time.  And I run my own business from home part time.  I try to serve at church, keep my kids active (with the hope they will have enough to look forward to and stay away from drugs and alcohol when they are older), and try to keep up with friends and family.  To be honest, life can be pretty crazy at times.  Maybe you can relate.  I forget which day is library day.  I have a note to get a certain kind of picture for one of the kids for school, but I fail to actually get it done.  I try to remember the dates of all the kids’ games, tournaments and competitions.  My job as a mom is to tutor, cook, clean, heal, organize, fix, sew, mediate and maintain my composure.  As a business leader, I teach, encourage, train, equip, lead, and work to build my own business as well.  I’m also a wife, friend, servant, daughter, sister, aunt, niece – you know all the “hats” we wear as women!  And fostering, while an incredible opportunity to impact the life of a child in need, is also a whole other world of it’s own.  Sometimes, I battle loneliness, frustration, disappointments, failures.  But, overall, I have opportunities to experience blessings others dream of doing!  I share this all to let you know I found something that has helped my thrive in all these areas, wearing all the “hats” I need to wear in life!!!  It has changed everything for me!  I don’t want any prescriptions to help me through what I feel is normal life.  Can you relate??  But maybe you,  like me, could use a little something to help you focus and remain patient through it all?  That’s when I tried a supplement called Confianza!  It’s an all-natural anti-stress supplement!  And, wow, has it made a world of difference for me!!!  And not just me, but I have heard countless other stories of others who were struggling, in all the blessings around them, to live with joy!!!  Maybe it will help you too!!!  Click on the picture to learn more!!