Easy Crafts for Kids

Being a Mom is Hard Work!! Being a Creative Mom is Even Harder!!  Being a Creative Mom that Keeps It Simple is Art!

Looking for simple, fun activities that every mom can do is my goal!!  As a mom to 5 young children, I consider finding the right activities an art form!  And I want to pass the fun on to you!!



Outdoor Crafts   Easter Crafts   Indoor Crafts


Outdoor Crafts

Homemade Chalk


Homemade Chalk


Cheap and easy!  Love this!  And so will the kids!!  They not only get to play with the chalk, but they get to make it!  Double the fun!!!



Easter Crafts

Resurrection Eggs   Glow Eggs

Resurrection Eggs

I found a great article that shows how easy it can be to teach your children the story of Easter without paying $15 a set – Homemade Resurrection Eggs!



All you need are a few supplies, and a little bit of time!  You can even get your kids involved in making them to help them understand the story even more!  Love this!  Click here to read directions!  Happy egg making!!

Glow Eggs

This Looks Life a Fun, Unique Way to Color Eggs!!


All you need to make some really awesome eggs this year is some glow-in-the-dark paint from your local craft store, water and vinegar!!!  I can’t wait to try this!!  Click here for directions!


Indoor Crafts

DIY Pop Tab Lamp



How cool is this!!!  And the kids would love watching it come together!!!

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