How to Wrap


So How Do You Wrap?


STEP ONE: Take a picture! Pictures are worth a thousand words! Get a close up picture from the front and side angles so you can really see your results later!


WrapSTEP TWO: Remove one pouch from your box and cut around the wrap on three sides to easily remove the wrap from its package.


STEP THREE: Unfold the wrap completely.  (If you’re cutting the wrap in half, stop before the last fold and cut the wrap down the large side.)


STEP FOUR: Apply the wrap to the skin, making sure the area is free from any lotions.


STEP FIVE: Secure the wrap in place using saran wrap, an ace bandage, or tight clothing.


Here’s a great video to show you just how quick and simple wrapping can be!!!



STEP SIX: Drink water! Hydration is KEY to getting great results.  Drink two to three glasses of water in your first 45 minutes. Then drink half your body weight (lbs) in ounces each day for the full 72 hours (so if you weight 200 lbs, you’ll want to drink 100 oz of water daily).


STEP SEVEN: Before removing the wrap, check to see how much of the creme has been absorbed.  You want most of it absorbed before removing the wrap.  You may need to wear it longer to give your body more time to absorb.


STEP EIGHT: Once most of the formula is absorbed into the skin, remove the wrap and rub in the remaining creme using firm, circular motions.


STEP NINE: Snap your after pictures using the same angles in your before pictures.


STEP TEN: Snap another set of pictures at 72 hours!  Your results will be most dramatic by this time!


STEP ELEVEN: Repeat this process each week in the same area for best results that you’ll be happy to see!  The wraps continue to deliver more dramatic results with each use, so it’s important to continue to focus on the same area until you’re happy with your final results.  Then move on to the next area.





Wrapping Tips


Make sure you are not sweating while the applicator is on.  The formula is designed to penetrate the skin for maximum absorption.  You don’t want to sweat it out.

Avoiding beverages with high sugar content, caffeine or alcohol will help you stay hydrated!

Using the Defining Gel twice daily from your neck down will increase your results where wrapping and deliver firming, smoothing results all over!!!

Happy Wrapping!!








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