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I cannot begin to tell you how THRILLED I am that you are entertaining the idea of making some money with your own skinny wrap business!!

This business has completely changed my life and the life of my family!!!  (You can read more of my story here!) And now I am helping others achieve their dreams and goals – whether that goal is an extra $300 a month, $3,000 a month or $30,000 a month!!!

We like to have a LOT of fun!!!  We are all about friendships, fun and freedom!!

The skinny wraps are HOT!!  Everyone wants them!  And why wouldn’t they??  Instant and progressive results with no pain and no dieting and exercise required to get results!  Just staying hydrated!!!  And the results last!!!  So how can YOU make money sharing the wraps with friends and family???  Simple!  We make money three different ways!  Let’s talk about them!!!

First is CASH!!!  Instant cash!


We don’t carry inventory.  We don’t have quotas.  But we do want to introduce the skinny wraps to as many people as we possibly can!  We do that by investing a minimum of two boxes of wraps each month.  That’s just 8 wraps!  Your friends and family will be skeptical of the wraps!  I know I was!  And you probably were or are too!!  So, for $30, your friends and family can experience their first wrap!  You’ll meet with them one-on-one, a couple at a time, or even with a skinny wrap party of several people and get the wrap on them!  Then you’ll  share with them a little on how the wraps work, how they need to drink water, and info on other products if you want.  There are two ways to get more once they see the wraps work – as a loyal customer or doing the business with you!!!  They order online!  No wonder we don’t need inventory!  So, the more you wrap, the more CASH you make!!!  And I will help you earn free and discounted wraps to increase your CASH profits!!!

Second is commissions!!


 Each month, we receive commission checks for the work you and your team accomplished!!  By building a strong customer base and growing your team, you can watch your checks grow and grow each month!!  The sky is truly the limit!!!  These are average monthly incomes!!!  Amazing!!!  I’m at that awesome Triple Diamond level!!!  Could you imagine an extra $10,000 a month??  I still can’t believe it…but you can bet I’m shooting for more!!!

Third is Bonuses!!!  One-Time Bonuses!  Some are Unlimited!!










As you share how exciting and simple this business is, and as your friends and family see how the wraps actually work, they are going to want to jump into this business with you!!  And as you help them get their businesses started right, you can earn a one-time $100 for every person that joins the business with you!!!  And these wonderful bonuses are paid out weekly!!  Woohoo!!!  And, if you are really excited and sharing these wraps with everyone, you have the chance to earn the $10,000 bonus too!!  I earned it and so did my husband so we can show YOU to earn it too!!  That is paid out in $400 increments a month for 25 months!  And, if you look at those average incomes above, you’ll see that reaching the diamond level to earn this bonus also brings in an average of about $1900 a month!!!  Amazing!!

Can you share the wraps with people?  If so, you CAN do this business successfully!!!  I’ll show you three simple steps to reach any income level you desire!  And it all starts with sharing the wraps with others!!!


Are you ready to get started on your own journey???  It’s super easy!!!  It’s just $99 to get started!  You’ll receive everything you need to run your business for the first 30 days PLUS a free box of wraps!!  From what I shared, you can do the math real quick and see that when you wrap your first four friends at $30 each, you have already made your money back!!!  That’s what we call an It Works BOOM!!!  It will also automatically set you up for those eight wraps to come to you a month from today!!  Make sure to leave that set!  You’re going to need those wraps to wrap everyone who will want to see what that crazy wrap thing is all about!!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am that you can start this adventure with me!!  And you won’t be alone!  You’ll be invited to join our exclusive page on Facebook to receive tips, free training and encouragement from hundreds of others taking this journey too!!!  I love to inspire and breathe belief in others!

join the party page

So, what’s holding you back from getting started???  Let’s do this!!!  And I’ll show you EXACTLY how to be successful!!!  Click here and let’s get you started!!!!  I can’t wait to work with you!!!!!  Just click Join the Party, enter your info, choose your website, and make sure to check out the two booster pack options if you know you’ll need more than just the four wraps your business kit comes with (It’s under the Boost page and click on BOOST)!!!  One is only available when you sign up!!!  You might want to choose 3 to 7 day shipping to get your things faster!!!

Once you’re officially signed up, message me on my Facebook fan page (click here) and we will get you connected!!!  Talk to you very, very soon!!!



Nikki Clutter

The Skinny Wrap Mom

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